About Us


Our incredible journey starts from the highlands of Vietnam and the city of never-ending springs, Da Lat. In the middle of those fresh aromatic tea fields, we found the essence of our beauty products.

In Vietnam, tea plantation has a long history and becomes an essential part of the culture as well as a real know-how. We have been using it for centuries for its great flavors, health benefits & healing properties. Tea has been recognized worldwide for its various amazing benefits of anti-pollution, anti-aging, anti-acne, skin-soothing, etc.

Then, to the further south, in Saigon, we have created our first tea-based skincare formulas.

As many other big cities, Saigon is often under clouds of dust. With time, these pollutants, toxins and chemicals, along with the urban stress of city lifestyle, can all have detrimental effects on its residents’ skin such as redness, poor skin hydration, premature ageing skin, dark spot, etc...

Being inspired & motivated, LABOTHÉ was born with great mission of giving you simple range of high-quality, gentle and in respect of environment skincare product based on Vietnamese tea that will make your skin fresh, protected and healthier day after day.



It is a beautiful story of “The Occident” meeting “The Orient”, where 2 spirits from 2 different cultures shared the same passion & belief and then crossed each other’s path. Nathalie is a passionate Vietnamese woman who lived in Paris for 15 years. Claire is a creative French woman who has been living in Saigon for 2 years. 

LABOTHÉ is the fusion of French knowledge & Vietnamese culture, the combination of modernity & tradition. 


All our products are meticulously crafted in-house with minimalist and efficient formulas and in small batches to ensure the products are fresh, natural and in best quality 

 All ingredients are organic, totally vegan and free from all petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic colorants or fragrances 

 All packagings are designed to be easily recyclable and in respect of environment

Each product will take you on a journey through all the tea highlands of Vietnam with its exotic and all-natural scents 

 All products are carefully formulated to adapt to all skin types, including the most sensitive ones.

LABOTHÉ wants to be as transparent as possible, so if you have any question or suggestion, please let us know

So … are you ready for a cup of tea for your skin with us ?

Nathalie & Claire